The auto industry has evolved over the years and many people are left to question what these new “buy here pay here” car dealerships are. With not too much information about BHPH dealerships out there today, it may lead consumers to question what they are all about.

What are “Buy Here, Pay Here” Car Dealerships?

When people go to a regular car dealership, one of the first things they need to make sure of, is getting approved for the vehicle. This means the car dealerships will run the customers credit and see if they are approved to purchase the vehicle. Some, if not most people now a days, have a low credit score or no credit at all. This is where the “buy here, pay here” car dealerships come into play. Buy here, pay here dealers allow people of no credit, bad credit or other situations to be able to purchase a vehicle. Buy here, pay here dealerships provide their own in-house financing. They don’t rely on banks, a third party or a leader.

Why choose CC Auto Plex for your car dealership?

Here at CC Auto Plex, we provide in-house financing. You (the customer) are required to pay us (the dealership) back of course. We only require you to put down a low-down payment and have a steady source of income to begin the approval process. Our goal is not to take all your money and charge you extremely high interest rates, but instead, is to be on your side. We help the customer throughout the entire buying process and give helpful suggestions to new or unexperienced buyers. Being a buy here pay here car dealership does have it’s risks on our side, but on the customers side, there is virtually no risk. We create and agree upon a contract and then we stick to that contract. There is no going back and changing our minds, no raising interest fees randomly, and no repossessing the vehicle unless the contract is violated. So, if you do not have perfect credit and you are looking to buy a used car, CC AutoPlex is the right used car dealership for you. We take care of you and always make sure to put the customer first!

Come in and get approved for your new vehicle today!